An innovative machine in the service of your passion …

HIGHTOF MÂAT description:

The HIGHTOF MÂAT is a revolutionary ball machine, benefiting from a cutting-edge technology that enables it to realistically simulate a game of tennis.

You can program your training session either on our site or directly using the extremely user-friendly built-in touch pad.

For each session, you can program the number of balls you want, and for each ball you can choose an effect, speed, the time before receiving a second ball and exactly where you want it to fall on the player’s half of the court (the bounce). The session is saved in your profile, enabling you to then run it on all the HIGHTOF MÂAT machines throughout the world. All you have to do is enter your username and password.

The HIGHTOF MÂAT be controlled remotely using your smartphone, for example an iOS device (IPhone, IPod etc…), Android (Samsung etc…), Windows phone, BlackBerry, etc….

Scoring: With the HIGHTOF MÂAT, you can grade the precision of each ball played (returned) by giving it a score.

Your smartphone is transformed into a remote control with not only the usual play, stop and pause buttons, but also the following buttons:

           • The “1pt” button is for a ball that has been played and is not out, but falls outside the chosen target area.

           • The “2pts” button is used to grade a ball that has been played and reached its target.

           • The “0pt” score is automatically recorded for a ball that is out, if no point is assigned to it.

           • The “Reset” button can be used to cancel a score assigned to a ball by mistake.

At the end of the session, you can calculate how many of all the balls played were:

– In

– In and in the target area (percentage of accuracy)

– Out .

You can then compare your statistics with your previous results, or with those of other players.

Scoring and statistics functions can also be accessed from your smartphone, tablet, PC, etc…

The HIGHTOF MÂAT is the only machine in the world that can send you balls from the middle of the court, from the right (forehand) or from the left (backhand). You can easily program your session to practice with crosscourt and down the line forehand or backhand shots, and with balls sent at difficult to reach angles that machines located in the middle of the court cannot offer.

Three machines in one: The HIGHTOF MÂAT is the only machine in the world that can send you balls arriving from a forehand, backhand and the middle in a single session, because the HIGHTOF MÂAT, can synchronize itself with one or two other HIGHTOF MÂAT machines without any special programming. You can therefore organize sessions in which balls will be sent from a forehand, backhand and the middle simultaneously. This means you can practice with realistic trajectories and difficult angles possible only with a forehand or backhand position.

The HIGHTOF MÂAT is the only machine that can be coupled with radar. The “SOLTICE” HIGHTOF radar can record the speed of all the balls you return. These speeds are recorded and attributed to each of the balls played during the session, and are then included in your own personal statistics. There are two types of radar:

SOLTICE I : which works only with the HIGHTOF MÂAT.

SOLTICE II : which is equipped with a touchpad and can be used independently. It can also be managed using the HIGHTOF MÂAT. When used alone, it will record the speeds of the balls you return locally, whether at a service or during a rally with a partner. If you name your session, it will provide you with a history of that session’s speeds.

SOLTICE II also has a SCORE function for measuring the accuracy of the balls you return, which can also be controlled from your smartphone.

With the HIGHTOF MÂAT , you can display on your smartphone, TV, screen, PC or any other device with a Wi-Fi connection the speed of the balls returned, the score (ball precision), the player’s heart rate, etc…