$ 6000

Per Month
  • Has a built-in touchpad

  • Backs up and synchronizes your profile on our server (optional)

  • Can be controlled remotely using your smartphone (iOS, Android, etc.)

  • Has its own HIGHTOF tablet app allowing you to create and run a session remotely

  • HIGHTOF MÂAT can be used interactively.

  • It backs up your statistics and allows you to compare past results.

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$ 2000

Per Month
  • Equipped with a touchpad for use with or without the HIGHTOF MÂAT. It allows you to record the speed of your returns in your statistics.
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Forehand & Backhand

$ 1500

Per Month
  • This option allows you to play the same sequence from the middle, forehand or backhand.

  • You can also create custom crosscourt sequences, including for example both crosscourt and down the line shots.

  • It also enables you to use two or three machines at the same time.

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